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Cabinet Work
Double Deckers
Eagle 20-1988-07
MCI 9 #3316B
MCI 9 #3336
MCI 9 #5234
MCI 9 #6422
MCI 102-3305B
MCI 102-5236
MCI 102 5943
Prevost LeMirage
Scenicruiser 4501
Slide Out Units
Slide Out 5643
Stretched Van
Vinyl Graphics
What Do I Do Now!

11/16/2011 05:08 PM

A website of  some of our  projects..
This site is designed to show some of our past work to our clients along with other  working prototypes .
You will note comments directed to our  customers.. These are our ways of communicating ideas and concepts to our clients.

MCI 102 A-3 #5943, Roof Raised
Modern Update, Slide Out, Side doors
MCI 102 Stretched to
45'  W/ ISM Cummins #3305-B
MCI 9 #3336 Cabinet Kits Available soon

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3333, Golden Ticket

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 Model 3301

Florida traveler

As seen on the travel channel  ...


           $1.5 Million and up....

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