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09/03/2008 05:28 PM

Archives    July 2008

MCI 102 3305B 

Most Recent Images on Top ....

Measuring floor for all the holes and ventilation locations.

Ceiling of future generator compartment,
we will need to install back wall and insulate and install access door for the slide out motor. 

Cutting corrugated floor out for Genset ventilation

New bathroom cabinet,
Designed and laid out
This closet is a little large and will have to be assembled inside bathroom

Old Vanity cabinet removed

Plumbing ,
We found we didn't have to use the 45 after all it turns out the black water holding tank was  in the perfect
position for us to run the 3" drain right into the top

Yesterdays holding tank,
Note, no flange on top 

Now we have a spin welded 3" flange on top

Drilling 3.5" hole through side bulk head wall for 3" drain

Today's black water tank with new welded 3" flange on top

3" drain line inserting above inverter

Cleaning up old shower location

7-29-08 Rough New Bathroom Sketch in PDF

Cardboard is template for new closet foot print being made

New neo angle shower foot print

We need to move all the power system over 2 feet to make room for new shower.


The  3" toilet line will come down just  over the inverter 
but I think a 90 street ell will work to get over to the  holding tank .

Breaker box doesn't leave us  much room for shower but we can do it ...

7-29-08 Rough New Bathroom Sketch in PDF
Here we have removed the shower, vanity and the closet with back wall

The disassembled closet and hallway wall in front  of the pocket door in bedroom

We are now trying to design a way we can install the shower beside the power box ..
It's the only place left to fit, but we only have 18" and we need 35" so we will have to move it too ..

45 Back wall....where vanity needs to go

Vanity and  shower base w/shower  kit



Need to move the main power box in order to make room for the shower on this back wall


Ceiling in shower                


After shower was moved ...
Note all the shims behind it  ..


Slide Out mechanism
Found gear box leaking , We removed it, repaired bad seal and  reinstalled.

Axle  was rubbing when operating. we repaired by cutting a larger opening

Setting generator up for  hook up.
It's better to have an outside hard wire connection VS a  inside internal connection.
If you ever have to remove the Genset you can disconnect the wiring from within the outside junction box, not from inside the unit . 

Found wiring schematic manual for this  Genset


Preparing to install Generator
The most popular location is on the driver side in the fist bay .
However we have  one problem though....the heat exhausting down through the bottom is in front of the fresh air intake

Triple function default box .
This is the box that requires three things to be met before you can start the engine .
This box needs to work with your new system ..apparently it's having trouble communicating .
So here, Dan has been figuring out how the safety settings work on the new system Vs the old system.

Older bus default box


Designing a box to hold park brake and shifter
It will be upholstered to match the surrounding area when finished.

Bending over, gluing and riveting the filer strip bottom to contour with the lower edge

Mounting filler strips on the left side

Guess what we found today !!!..

This morning,
We were vacuuming water that had run beneath the tarp hanging over the upholstery rack and look what we found laying up against the pallet rack ..

The reason it was taken off was the bolts to the lower hinge were rusted almost off. and they were afraid it would sag and bend the hinge . so they took it off.. the bolts were in a bag attached to it ..

We slid it beneath the bus ..It should be OK there until we are ready to hang it .

Today they made and installed the filler strips between the luggage bays and around the battery door

Chris, designing and building a console for the Park brake and shifter


Making console to hold air valve and shifter



Bedroom A/C                                                    

Galley A/C

Front A/C


The only way we can move the toilet would be if we remove the vanity and install the toilet there .
But I didn't think you would want to do that either..



A/C System, we had to make extended bolts to go through the lowered ceiling. 

New inside seals installed with sika flex...needs to set a couple of days before using

Dan (electrical)
Continued to work on the wiring but had little to show images of ..

Swapping the shower location for the toilet location!?

Below are images of the holding tanks and around the coach regarding swapping the shower location with the toilet.
We still feel it may not work the way you think it will .
The shower will be over the rear axle and we will have to relocate the inverter.

Holding tanks bay left side

Inverter bay left side

Holding Tanks right side

Inverter bay right side


In a bus the walls are  bowed out and the floor slants down hill towards the front.
This is a round shower that has to be mounted in an extremely square & Plumb
environment or the door will not work freely.

Toilet location





A/C Interior control box

A/C on roof in proccess of being mounted


Re-adjusted striker on luggage bay door

Making a panel for the ECMs

About to mount panel

More tech work from  technical support

Remove and reseal Slide out....
Removing slide out to replace older seal material

Cleaning substrate

Painting with metal primer to make sure of  a clean seal area

Dan, (electrical dept.)  Spoke with technician at Pedco for an hour to help clear up some of the confusion
with their electronic system.


7-03-08 and 7-07-08
Trimmed fenders

Made panel for over battery door
Installed battery and fuel door

Installed side trim on right side


More electronics with Dan ,

Printing some of the research information from the computer

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