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10/09/2008 05:39 PM

Archives    August  2008

MCI 102 3305B 

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Installing Back up camera

12V supply to camera monitor

More wiring around Generator compartment

More engine wiring

Repairing bad Hydraulic line, leaking


Prepping to install under counter sink

!!!! Wrong sink sent to us for under counter mount !!!!!
This one is for above counter, drop in installation only

The Under counter model has a flush flat lip on top for the adhesive to bond to .

Sample, Note flat lip

Samples of Other under counter mount installed

Galley Sink fixture checked out


Prepping to install second have of dash with back up camera

Prepping to  final install Generator

Marked Groves in Generator door for ventilation to be cut


Inverter/ Hot water heater Bay

Starting to clean and organize work area for the next phase of work

Working on Cummins engine installation

More lines installed and checked out

Dry fit Installing Generator mounts and battery

Installed seal to removable back wall, cleaned and painted ceiling to generator compartment.

More wiring accomplished

Removable wall behind generator, Clean and  paint floor area too

Plywood fire break on top of polyurethane insulation board

Installed battery box and heavy cable

New Generator supply and return fuel lines .


Darrell, Please Call us, we are having problems with the new defroster motors not fitting anything

More wiring installed

Defroster motors don't fit correctly

Different motors, different size shafts

Running more wire to bathrrom

Building panels to close up around new generator

Working on fuel lines


Installed partial wall Panel made to cover part of the opening

Installed Lower Aluminum mounting rail

Back Generator Wall designed, built and painted

Upper mounting rail .



Main 12Volt DC system almost complete from move .

Slide out Drive mechanism,
Insulating around the slide system in ceiling of generator compartment 

More insulation in ceiling of generator compartment

Left Drivers console

New Access Door for the old evaporator compartment behind the generator



We need to wall up part of this compartment to make room for generator wall.
All walls need to be removable for service later .

Working on moving more wiring.



Still moving wiring over to make room for the shower


Secured floor screen,...

Also pulled generator out so we can start insulating the generator ceiling and compartment


Parts in, now dry fitting exhaust system

Oil Drain plug at bottom of motor.

Moving 12 volt DC wiring to other side of main breakers.


Automatic transfer switch almost in

50 Amp Power Cable
Deck plate to furnish Access for Power Cable and plumbing to go beneath coach 

Inverter tested and more wiring  work

Main Power breaker and main Inverter breaker boxes moved to make room for shower

12Volt DC wiring next to old main power  location 

When we were running the fuel line to the main tank we noticed the fuel tank had been swapped out one time or another,... note date on tank.(not from us but from the seller) same style tank, but the date and fittings are different.
The current fittings don't fit but we made a brass adapter to make everything work .

Putting together the brass adapter fittings ..

Cleaned up old fittings and made everything work OK ..

We had  to replace the existing drain plug with a more remote one that can be drained from the
bottom without having to go inside the box,... Generator oil was very dirty so we change it too.

Making a safety screen for the bottom of Generator


Running wire to Generator control panel.

WE are having to move  the entire main circuit breaker panels to the right to make room for the new shower

Automatic transfer switch with Generator emergency shut off being installed


More wiring while we dry fit ..
Insulation being sized, along with access panels for the Slide out mechanism designed and building

Cabinetry, Because of size ,New closet has to be assembled inside bathroom,
note heating duct coming up from the floor


Plumbing, lines ran and glued . new toilet stub in floor

Slide out, electrical switch sized

Heater along with 12v DC source


Electrical, Main ,
We needed to move the system over to make room for the new shower


Prepping to dry fit generator

Dry fitting for now,
Insulation and fire wall coming up next

Marking and identifying all the wiring

Plumbing started,
New setup for dumping laid out, with newer style, higher up bayonet dump hose connection

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