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03/04/2009 09:59 AM

Archives    January 2009

MCI 102 3305B 

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Making the mold for the headlight

More upholstery work for a speaker box

Inside the shower, the shower head and facet is installed

More upholstery work

Luggage door getting a screen put in


More upholstery work

As you can see the horn, drivers side mirror and working on the slideout


Shower installed and being pressed together so the glue sticks

Slide-out installed


Putting in the refrigerator

Installing the light switch in the bathroom along with making a vent on a panel in the bathroom

More work done to the walls to where the shower is going to be installed


Hooking up the vent system through the Coach

Panel to cover the whole near the batteries where the vent system is going

More rope lighting done in the Kitchen area

Plumbing done for the shower and sink in the bathroom


Installed cabinet door above refrigerator

Upholstery work done in the bathroom

Vent box being made and stained

Getting ready for install the shower walls

Toilet in place and upholstered walls and molding

Wood tracks being built to hide the wiring

Upholstering the custom light boxes


Upholstery work done to the front door

Cutting out the hole to be a vent in the floor near the kitchen

Rope lighting installed in the hallway

Rope lighting around the bed and also showing putting some lighting in the cabinet also

Upholstering the wall that will be going in the bathroom


Preparing to install the co-pilot seat

Putting the padded wall around the  kitchen window

One of the boxed light fixtures are installed

Gluing down the shower base and installed the bathroom cabinet

Showing the plumbing work for the bathroom sink

Installed medicine cabinet and the sink is in place

Installed the hardwood molding in the bathroom

Rope lighting installed around the bed

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