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02/04/2009 09:36 AM

Archives    January 2009

MCI 102 3305B 

Most Recent Images on Top ....


Putting the rest of the tires on


Mirrored glass installed in kitchen area

Window sills Installed through out the Coach

Walls Upholstered  in the bathroom

Vent in the bathroom

Shower base in place

Trim at the entrance way

Light boxes being made

Sink for the bathroom


The 5.5" Swivel Seat Pedestals for driver and passenger seat just came in

Installed the aluminum panel the the back sides of the bus

The door lock along with the heated mirror different view

Installed hard would flooring molding in the bedroom

Installing the hardwood floor inside the slidout

Installing the inner tires


Installed door lock and inside panels on the entrance door

Installed the heated mirror on the passenger side


Installing the switch for the awning


Getting ready to install a switch for the lighting


Working on insulating the door

Putting the light in the entrance door way


Painted and installed the front grill near the driver

Installing the little door near to the stairway


Installing the door lock


Working on the vent system

Installed the kitchen sink spiquet


Installing the drivers side window

Working on the 6 disc cd changer

Installing the back up camera monitor

The turn signal lights installed on the bus, now we just need to get the head lights


Showing that there is a dent on the refrigerator

Showing the head unit is working


Cutting the hole out and putting in the vent above the driver




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