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11/04/2008 09:34 AM

Archives    October  2008

MCI 102 3305B 

Most Recent Images on Top ....



Installing holding tank Level indicator

Running wiring to upstairs

Testing circuitry on Holding tanks Indicator, note green light


More 12 volt wiring

Installing lighting in engine compartment

More on tail lighting


More working on Brake and taillights

Corian build up layers cured,
Now we shape, tomorrow we polish,...                                 Sink is dry fitted for sizing confirmation, not glued yet ... 

Old Cruise control was interfering with the new wiring and air lines . Dan had to disassemble
and remove it in order to make other air and electrical circuits work properly 

Worked on lighting wiring and sanded more on tailgate, two more gel coat layers to go 

Rear Brake light is over 7'6" above floor, his reach is right at 7' but the bus will be lowered about 6"

Finished Galley window

Cut and laid up more layers of Corian build up, for recessed sink

Applied next layer of gel coat on tailgate finish

We had to use almost a 1/2 tank of propane to keep the tailgate warm at all times

Rough now but when cured, we sand it down to create a layer of smooth Gel Coat

Installing turn signals and center brake light in rear

Luggage bay receptacles


Kitchen window

Now Sealed, excess will be cut off after curing

Tailgate fiberglass work

Awning laid out

Awning controls

Mirror papers



Right dash switch panel coming together


Engine wiring

Another layer on tailgate  repair

Galley window almost done

Bringing in all the  awning parts


Reglassing old locations on tailgate for new lights

After making air flow larger we Had to realign opening for taillights to the left a little
On the right we had to close up the old holes

Making a new wiring harness & schematic for the left side dash controls


Need to move tail lights vertical so we can make more room for better radiator air flow.

More wiring work on transmission


Galley window,
Sizing and cutting opening for window

Wiring and engine work . They are trying to get it to crank .



More wiring

This much larger slide needs more rollers
Preparing to install Bigger front rollers

Extending the slide

Front entrance door
Holes for RV Latch


Out side of fuel tank left side

Fuel tank being mounted

Installing fuel pickup for heaters and returning fuel gauge

Made manifold for pick up lines for heating units, generator 

Test lighting one of the heaters to make sure lines are clear ..
All is well, it  lit up good .

After sizing and installing screen we calculated and found there will not be enough air flow for the radiator

We had no choice but to emlarge the air opeing adn . we had to mover the rear lights in an vertical line .

Sizing locking ring for small Kitchen window

More door work

Installing flat panel on door so as to be able to install RV Latch


Started to install fuel tank but found more corroded floor. it has to be patched to keep this compartment dry

Installing new wood floor

Cleaning and painting cover panel


Working On Entrance door ,

Removing air cylinder

Prepping to install RV latch

Top of door was warped, Chris had to straighten it out

More work on Bottom, Bolting bottom rub rail



Frank and Dan calculating the best way to install small window for kitchen.
You may want to offer your opinion on where too ..

We found away to create a new mounting locking ring by cutting one from a new window set .
They are showing  images of a used one here but I told them to use a new one, we will have to get it replaced before we can install that window though.

Dan said to show you the tensioning pulley on engine .. I think they are having some problems with it ..

....and of course, more wiring


Frank building a compartment to install heater in bedroom .

Preparing to mount rear heating System,
Dan wanted to see how another system was connected so these are images of #3301RK in the next room.
Bottom of bedroom Closet and                                                        in front salon area

Beneath floor,   intake                          Insulated  Exhaust                                        

3305B,Your Bus 


Wiring and building box for terminal boxes, near Generator

Another terminal box for Allison transmission terminals, under driver

working more on rear


More wiring in front and rear Junction
Connecting ATEC Connector and box




Having to Disassemble and readjust doors before adding RV latch

Adjustment screws corroded. Need to cut off  & replace

Moving some of the wiring harness up over rear end to be protected

Rear Junction box


Cutting tailgate for radiator air flow and also finishing the Fiberglass tag holder 

Surveying chassis for missing parts from salvage yard that sold the bus
This is the center main Raceway trunk going through bus under floor

Chassis air suspension rubber rest missing

Air lines pinched and loosened by salvage yard that sold bus 
they worked on the chassis so it could be shipped

Pinched air line for brakes

HVAC Duct visible by the fender well being missing

Main trunk coming from front to rear was a little sloppy to say the least

Adding more connection Terminals to the spreadsheet



Dan found another section of bad wiring he didn't know existed. He felt and I agree it would be better to replace that section  with new reliable circuits instead of trusting uncertainty

Worked on Tailgate

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