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10/02/2008 01:02 PM

Archives    September 2008

MCI 102 3305B 

Most Recent Images on Top ....

Had to repair floor of fuel tank compartment  ..
This bus has been lifted improperly and  the floor had been pushed upwards ,
See images from beneath the bus .... The new fuel tank would not fit properly.
We Pushed it back down with a jack and straightened it the best we could  without having to replace the
bottom chassis floor stringers ..

Jack marks where someone lifted the front of the bus without using correct jacking points .

Cleaned and painted one more time,
Level indicator float to be reinstalled  .

Back tailgate tag recess area opened up to make ready to cut out 


Needed to rebuild one of the chassis rear J box circuit breaker panels 



Having a  problem with some of the Rear J box MCI circuits




Prepping slide out, sink and more wiring work

Second fuel tank after pressure testing and painted

Dan working on his drawings and schematics.
He spends hours redesigning the schematics for this bus


Chris and Dan checking out more circuits

On computer documenting new parts and Terminal location list

More wiring harness work


More tech cataloging

more clearer image of below



Dan spoke to the Cummins Engine people, Ordered tech manual, worked on more wiring etc.


After pressure washing the latest fuel tank we did another inspection and found two small holes in the bottom too
The holes are now visible because we enlarged them for repair later

We decided not to repair but see if we can't locate another one but newer.
We found one ..
The last one  was a 1982, this one is a 1987 year model and we have now started to install  the fittings

1987 ID Tag



Cleaning fuel tank

Making manifold to handle fuel to Main Engine, Generator, Heating

Generator supply & return lines

preparing to crank Genset

Cranked and ran fine ... need to finish fuel connections

More wiring on other work




We started connecting  all the fuel lines and do a fuel leak test only to find the fuel leaked out the bottom .
we naturally suspected a leaking tank ..

However, The tank wasn't even connected to the bus ..
It's the wrong year, so we pulled it to  find it doesn't go with this bus it belonged to  a 1974 MCI 8 Bus with a Pony tank,
note the opening in the bottom.
We also noticed the tank had been repaired  one time before ..Not a good sign . So we decided to pull this one out and locate another good used one .

Note the top vent was taped up

Removed floor board ..falling apart

Aluminum floor panel needs to be repaired or replaced .

New floor  board, located a good used tnak

Located a good used 1987 tank


More wiring



Refurbishing and installing Transmission heat exchanger


Next, we need to address the oil filler and water pressure tube & cap

More Allison / Cummings Tech wiring


Pressure testing Transmission cooler

Installing transmission heat exchanger mount



installing hard airline,

Prepping to remove temporary white filter that was holding line closed and install
transmission heat exchanger


Connecting hard airline from air system to compressor flex line.

Repaired leaking fuel line up into the of middle chassis ...very hard to get to

Started to dry fit entrance door


More work on Generator installation

More DC wiring


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