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10/14/2011 01:13 PM

MCI  9    RV Conversion

Before Delivered 6-15-08

After delivery painted


The below images are to show construction progression.

Most Recent Images on Top ....

Delivered to Paint Shop 

Finished, Ready to be delivered



Checking everything one last time .

New Door Hinge cover

Labeling the circiuts

Inside circuits 

Luggage bay ceiling lighting..
Note, right beneath the light fixture... may look like corrosion or rust but it's solid stainless Steel


Just got in the new parts to update the speedometer

We removed the front left Brake drum so we could install the pick up bolts on the outer rim of the drum.
The new pick up sensor will count each time one bolt passes it  and that's how it works 

Installed a step light


Went for another test drive until the rain came back again.


TEST Drive Day ........

Coming out of the building ... going down to the bowling alley and turning around to get a good hard running start and coming by our office ..
.. seems to be running good,.... Making a list and checking it twice


Installing the striker plate



The front of the latch is mounted but the rear door panel is not installed yet,
plus we need to find out why the door is dragging against the "A" pillar too ...

Updated and Corrected the issue with the rope lights

Next we will work on the test driving list and install the lifts for the bed.
Not to mention, if we have the time it would be better for us to work on the non curved area of the front of the door as seen below in 5-9-08.


We couldn't understand why the seals wouldn't line up correctly on the front side of this door near the front bumper ..
Then we noticed door appears to be not bent like the others on the back side. It's a MCI part but not made properly . We can repair...

Replacing old latch with the new DOT approvable one .Inside the back of the door frame

All departments had to be called in to do  there thing today ,
we had cabinetry , welding, structural, and Chris to install trim and door latch

Installing stainless steel plate to mount DOT latch

Note: Sparks will ruin glass by pitting it but wont damage a plastic trash bag at all .

More finish grinding and sanding to come


Along with the aluminum door seals and trim having to be re installed, we also are making the oak trim to go over the edge of the entrance door side wall.

Making the Oak trim,......

Splitting the board

Routing an edge

Sanding the edge ,

Soldering, repairing and replacing damaged rope lighting wiring from earlier short circuit

Installing head board over bed ,

Working on DOT RV lock

It takes about 5-6 hours to install this style lock system.
It's raining today ...maybe we can test drive later today or tomorrow. But we need a lock first .




New D.O.T. Safety Lock, Note size difference along with the safety pins over the other lock .

Upper door trim made and sized

Lower door rub rail designed and made.

40% Larger handle and throw with stabilizer pins
DOT Approved door won't try to open on it's own

Door rubbing ..Door needs to be realigned, It is too tight against the front end...
                                                                                                        Note rubbing on aluminum rail

Bumper is not aligned correctly  and  is scrubbing against stainless steel .



Lower ribbed stainless steel entrance door panel mounted ..

Note blue panel to the left . This is the upper panel after cutting for the RV lock, waiting to be installed.

Had to build a plate for the bottom of the wiper motors.

Console trim pieces made and ready to install .


Air Breather on top of muffler


Co-pilot seat  mounted to the floor


Very heavy Co-Pilot seat mounting,
Designed, built and installed

Mounting Table with new brace


Rope lighting had a short failure


Earlier Prototype Images


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