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10/14/2011 13:13

MCI 102 Converted into a commercial show bus,
Large Side doors, with slide out, 20KW Genset, 

Most current images on top
Keep in mind there is a lot of prep and behind the scenes work being accomplished too.
Sometimes you will not see items until they are installed but yet they had been in the background for weeks....

Finished, ready to go to Atlanta

Final preparations to leave factory

wiring finished

Slideout insulated

Temporary placement of Toe Kick heater

All stainless steel entrance door, with new aluminum  inside skin applied

All alumnum construction, Side barn doors completed, insulation next

All stainless steel left and right engine compartment ventilation doors, along side engine compartment access doors

Rear engine door with super fans, completed

Inverter compartment with shore cable, completed

Generator compartment, completed

Looking goood!

New wheels on
Right side

Left side

All extra wiring coming together

Inverter Compartment

Batteries for inverter

Power transfer switch
(from shore power to Generator, wiring not secured yet)


Shore power cable, with round access door through floor

Bus chassis batteries showing battery equalizer above



More touch up ..
Note the white line where the wrap could not touch the trim
We have to paint or install more wrap by hand in small pieces, very very  time consuming

Ceiling Ducts going in

working on lock down locks for side doors

Preparing drivers area for finish

More touch up


Wrap cannot go beneath items such as trim so these areas must be retouched to make into a finish product application



Prepping to install



Wrap almost completed. next is cleanup and touch up of the wrap

Sizing, new electrical cooling system

Installing new polished aluminum mirrors

interior work, trim and seals

Prepping for A/C installation

Rear of bus wall insulated, finished

Installing more seals in barn doors

Back side of Generator

More trim around the engine compartment

Genset controls

Closing up front end to to prepare for wrap

Wrap started


Stainless steel radiator intake doors, left and right

More plywood going up on walls

Drivers compartment coming together

Cleaning up, installed trim

More chassis work


More plywood going up


Trim and Upper gutter right side going back on

More work on Rear Engine door

More engine work and installing custom air filter system

Generator installation work

Inverter work

Some of the outside Seals on slide out installed 

More interior wiring

Polished aluminum Mirrors assembled and prepped for install



More work to engine area

Stainless steel Rear Engine door

Stainless steel Side engine doors

More wiring

Generator prepping to install

Designed and sizing Gen-set cooling duct 

More axle work

More trim prepped to reinstall


Tail lights getting final sizing

Engine running good, Now we finish installing,

Sizing for radiator

Generator Controls over driver

Slide out temporary controls

More wiring,

windows installed and sealed, more Slideout unit seals installed

Gutter on top of slide

More trim

Axle hubs cleaned and painted, Rear bumper cleaned and painted



more dash work


More prep work on Engine / Transmission


Note where Breaker panel is next to Slideout
37" from edge of slide to center of 14" breaker box
Front door work

Outside view of slide out

Upper gutter trim started

Side Barn door skinning

More engine and transmission prep

Front end finalizing

Outside Trim almost finished on Slideout

Rear left & Right Engine side doors installed, preparing to be skinned

New Engine and transmission mounting in cradle to install in chassis

Gutter fitted above, Rubber Trim stops started inside around side doors

(doors are not appearing straight due to door stops not installed, the right side is in further past the left side)


Adding fuel lines for generator

Adding new rear doors to engine area

Slide out roughed in

Added panel to cover last window area, started final trim around side slide out

New engine came in

LED taillights

More brake work

Side loading doors coming together



Primer paint on  chassis walls
Electrical panel for upstairs

Door work,
Side Loading doors,
Engine, left and right side doors

More axle-brake work

Slide Out Cabin skins almost finished



Generator wiring

Prepping Slide out cabin to skin this evening late

Slide out wiring

More chassis work


More wiring work

Slide out Cabin coming together

Transmission almost ready to go in

New bearings, bushings and shoes

Reconditioned  hub bearings

More painting


More electrical work

Brake Shoes in process

Side doors

More work in engine comaprtment

Slide out Cabin Work



More testing on Dash Components

Slide out all aluminum cabin started

Engine cradle ready for new motor

More paint in Engine Compartment





More front end work

More test dash work

Designing and building large right side doors

Slide out mechanicals dry fitted and working on it's own power

Fuel door almost ready to reinstall

Sizing for new side engine doors

Engine compartment almost ready to start reinstalling engine/tranny components



Test dash

Starting new dash console

Updating all lighting

More welding on Slideout frame


Ceiling wiring started


Slide out floor components

Slideout opening


Engine compartment prep, cleaning to paint


Door openings ready to size and build doors

Building Custom Aluminum doors to meet curvature of the side wall

Ready to start on slide out opening


Rebuilt and prime coating chassis


Installing and sizing new headlight system


Chassis rebuild work

cleaning and painting where needed


Installing newest electric windshield wiper system with more modern headlights

Prepping to remove engine / tranny

A/C unit sizing

Dash Test unit

Working on the side door opening


Closing up old escape hatches so we can install A/C units

New brake drums

New A/C units                                    Back windows blanked out


Rebuilding chassis components

Preparing to remove engine/tranny and clean and paint engine compartment

Sizing where the New 20 KW Generator will go

 Main wiring compartment

Dash area

preparing for side door opening


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