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07/23/2008 09:50 AM

May 2008

Most Recent Images on Top ....

This is an area beneath the fuel tank .. below the steel box beams that are corroded too

Mangled vent repaired

Starting to prep the top now ..

5-28-08                                                                                                                                Back to top
Front end cleaning

Odd A pillar, look like a patch from a long time ago

5-27-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Bad Suspension frame rust, here we will need to do some major reconstruction


5-23-08                                                                                                                                Back to top
Work done on Friday the 23'rd . Images weren't taken until after Memorial Day on the 27th.
Bead blasting, cleaning and prepping to paint all the light fixtures over the seats.

Note: vent covers  to remove smoke from the cabin

5-22-08                                                                                                                                Back to top
Wiper motors removed...
Please note :
It's the same price to convert to electric motors instead of rebuilding  them ...

Passenger Chime for driver to stop at next convenience


More dash work

Dash door

Dash cleaning

More Instrument panels

More side panels cleaned and verified OK


5-21-08                                                                                                                                Back to top


Instrument Gauges and panels


More panels


Beneath toliet area

5-20-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Smaller parts cleaned and stacked for later

Removing steering wheel and column

Preparing to remove steering column floor knuckle ("U" Joint)

Stairway wall cleaned and prepped for painting

Smaller pieces cleaned and marked


Holding tank for toilet, tank in good shape but the aluminum around it was corroded pretty bad

Compartment Area around holding tank

More was done, but images will be taken tomorrow...

5-16-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

The famous GMC Air Frame ......(with holes)

Defroster air supply and venting

Dash Board

Step lights

Cleaned and Bead blasted pieces units

Front end section

Bottom of toilet area


Wall Behind toilet

Beneath the floor of toilet area 

Another basic look of where we are at this time...

5-15-08                                                                                                                                Back to top



5-14-08                                                                                                                                Back to top


5-13-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Over the rear wheel well ...storage compartment,...wooden floor hid the corroded rivets and studs

Other side a little more rusted

Plumbing beneath the walkway in very good condition.

Yellow airline...
Air bags were forced to work,... they did not use the air frame system .

Air frames rusted through in several places  . we expect a little more as we get into Air the frame system.

Whoever plated the air bag forgot  you cannot use the same air bags when you shorten the length of travel in the same bag.
It makes the bus ride like a dump truck .
you have to use a softer bag or repair the Air Frame system to get that famous GMC smooth ride.
They really did have the smoothest ride in the industry .

Cataloging passenger seats ..
After arranging all the seats in the order they should be in. We now know which ones are missing ..
One Black set from  upstairs and one Blue set from  downstairs .

Drivers seat

The cardboard represents the missing seat sets.

National seats ... te best out there


5-12-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Looking for cracks to see where we need to do structural repair .

Found a few cracks but still under control ..

Outside wall over rear wheels, seems to have some corrosion beneath the wall Scab plating.

Bathroom, area seems to have about the most corrosion

This area not in bad condition

Frank making templates to prepare to replace flooring if different areas.

5-9-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Cracks in walls

Blasted. Primed and now painted . Green for the engine , black for the chassis

Water control valve reconditioned

More suspension components

Brake Chambers one bad in this batch


5-8-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

These were bead blasted over the last few days but we didn't have time to take the pictures until this morning.

Cabinet shop starting to make the replacement floor boards .
We will have to special order the main floors though. They are a special 12 feet long.

5-7-08                                                                                                                                Back to top
Fuel tank appeared to be in excellent condition until we found one small pin hole ..
Usually if you find a pin hole this means the tank bottom has corroded from the inside out and is no good.
However on this one, we found the inside to be in great shape . The only hole we  found so far was caused
by electrolysis.  This spot rusted because rust had corroded and gathered in a small area that ended up bridging
the rubber insulator beneath the steel tie down strap  and caused a field of electrolysis ..
You can see the rusted area was large but only one small spot that had rusted through ..

Fuel tank bed board was in better condition then expected .
This board in most later models disintegrates after 20 years .



Entrance door




5-6-08                                                                                                                                Back to top

Starting to work on fuel tank now .. It seems to be in excellent condition .. only minor surface rust so far ..

Tim worked so hard on carefully removing this stainless steel toilet, we thought we would honor him with a picture to
commemorate this esteemed accomplishment.

Beneath drivers window area ..


5-5-08                                                                                                                                 Back to top

Wire wheeling floor stringers, rare special plywood sizes of 12'x4' go on floor

Starting to test wheeling areas to see what can be cleaned with what.


Starting to identify the wiring now..

Fuel tank bay

Cleaning more ceiling and walls.

Reconditioning Radius Rods and Radius Rod bushings                                                                       Back to top

Sandblasting different components

Wash Basin water tank and auxiliary air tank

Heater, supply and return lines


Fuel tank steel Bands, will be reconditioned and reinstalled

Removing fuel tank                                                                                                        Back to top

Fuel tank area looks fairly decent

Corrosion on floor beneath fuel tank

Cleaning  ceiling

Entrance stairway treads

Work station for manuals

Rear axle, Rebuilding air brake chambers, wheel hub bearings                                                                       Back to top

Some of the  Links below do not work...

Engine Structural Crack Located A/C Blower Motors Driver area III pedal linkage
Transmission Air Brake and Throttle pedal Floor up over bays Bathroom disassembly
Radiator Plumbing Looks very good Driver area I disassembly Disassembling the fender well
Rear End Differential Plumbing II and walls Driver area II pedal linkage 9003 Archive Folders
Defroster Cleaning, painting rear end Rear suspension Rear end differential ready to send out
Engine wiring Right angle drive for the Cooling Fan   Fuel tank5 still fighting us
Fuel Tank1 Engine comp, Burnt and bad wiring Bathroom3 Removing fuel tank
  Cleaning and rebuilding brake diaphragms Washed, bead blasted and painted Rear axle, Rebuilding air brake chambers
  Reconditioning Radius Rods    


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