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10/02/2008 01:13 PM

Archival Images    July  2008


Most Recent Images on Top ....

Amphenol connectors,
Soon we will get in all the new pins and start making the harnesses.

Air Beams

Rust holes,...needs to be repair welded


Compartments surrounding the air beam system front left quarter


Wiring harness started

New catalog with newer electrical schematic pages


More parts bead  blasted, and etched primed

Wiring harness,
Breaking down the individual runs, identifying them, then documenting and logging in the computer 

Documenting and removing one harness at a time ..slowly  but accurately

It takes more time to document the wiring then it does to actually remove it ..
This is called "BUS Archeology"


In some places the wiring harness was installed, then they installed a wall or section ..
we have to disassemble the wiring harness within the chassis in sections ..
 Not easy to remove but if we are careful enough it can be accomplished.

We are actually only showing about half the images .
We will take a lot of images to make sure we document everything very carefully for reassembly .

Today Tim and Dan worked on removing one of the last larger wire harness's left .
Note how careful Tim needs to be so as not to damage the wiring.
We need these harness's to use as templates when we rebuild them again .
There are no accurate reference  manuals...

More of the harnes removal

More cataloging

More of Tim removing that last harness..

No ,..That's not a snake,.. if so,..It's a very expensive one ..
That's that last main harness coming out ..More to come but they are much smaller now.



Rear Junction Box almost ready to come out


Continuing to catalog wiring 


Slowly and slowly we remove the wires,... one at a time,... mark them and then record them....


Removing wiring from front junction box very carefully and
Documenting wiring



More Parts cleaned and painted

More wire documenting

Cataloging and Identifying all the wiring


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